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Out of print

Last week I played Harmful Park, the weird Japanese-only shmup for the PlayStation. It’s a very rare and expensive game and is only available on the Japanese PSN store. This means if you want to play Harmful Park in the United … Continue reading

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Game Center CX chronological viewing guide

I’ve put together a chronological list of Game Center CX episodes. Though there are already much better lists, such as SA-GCCX (which is updated with each new translation) and the sadly retired episode guide on Crunkgames, none document the episodes in the … Continue reading

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Game Genie and other stories of postmodernism

How Game Genie and Wayne’s World introduced me to postmodernism Continue reading

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Splatterhouse: The comic

It’s a Splatterhouse comic ad! This appeared in Fantastic Four #346 back in November, 1990, though I’m sure it appeared elsewhere. For those who are unaware, Splatterhouse is a single beat ’em up which totally does not rip off Friday the … Continue reading

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Does Tetris mean anything?

I’m playing Catherine–Atlus’s strange puzzle/adventure/life sim game from 2011. One of the things I really like about the game so far–and there are many–is its attempt to build a narrative around what is essentially a puzzle game. There’s plenty of … Continue reading

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Thanks, Hydlide

I have a lot of great, video game related Christmas memories. I got a Game Boy along with Kirby’s Dream Land and Tetris for Christmas 1992, a Genesis in 1994, and a PlayStation a few years later. Like a lot … Continue reading

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Star Wars memories

I really liked Star Wars growing up. I’m almost certain saw Episodes IV-VI in reverse order because I was a kid and it was the early-90s, so you just watched things whenever they happened to show up on TV. But after, I … Continue reading

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