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The incredibly fast rise and fall of The Last Night

Yesterday, during Microsoft’s E3 press conference in which they featured 42 games, one in particular seemed to stand out: The Last Night, a cinematic platformer, that blends games like Another World and Flashback with the aesthetics of Blade Runner. Though it was … Continue reading

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A modest Virtual Console wishlist

Update: Obviously, Nintendo has announced the Virtual Console will not be available at launch. However, this wishlist still applies for when they eventually do. We’re about ten days out from the Nintendo Switch launch and there’s been no announcement regarding … Continue reading

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Nintendo can’t win

Few corporations face as much armchair managing as Nintendo. Spend a few minutes browsing message boards or the comments section of a video game website and you’ll see wild and counterintuitive proposals on how Nintendo can solve their current problems or “fix” … Continue reading

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Out of print

Last week I played Harmful Park, the weird Japanese-only shmup for the PlayStation. It’s a very rare and expensive game and is only available on the Japanese PSN store. This means if you want to play Harmful Park in the United … Continue reading

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Why are video games so long?

If I had to guess, I’d say about 60% of video games are too long. Your typical game takes anywhere from 20-30 hours to complete, which can stretch out over weeks and even months for the average player. This is, obviously, … Continue reading

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All the hottest Black Friday deals… from 1985

It’s Black Friday, why not enjoy these old, video game sales flyer scans courtesy of the old Lost Levels. Lots of non-video game related nostalgia here: other toys, board games, old logos, stores that no longer exist, CRT televisions, Casio … Continue reading

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The death of shmups

The shmup–or, shoot-em-up, for those opposed to unfortunately sounding abbreviations–played an important role in the development of the medium of video games. Space Invaders and Galaga were instrumental in building the popularity of games both domestically and in Japan. Games like … Continue reading

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